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WALcargo – Water, Air and Land cargo

Do you need to transport a cargo? Do you want to do the transport of your goods from one country/city to another country/city and doesn't know who makes this route?

Register on our search platform of sea, air and land transport!

WALcargo.com is a unique platform that allows searching carriers, freight forwarders and agents, quickly and free.

To contact the company able to make the transport of your goods, just execute the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the origin and destination of your cargo;

Step 2: Get a list of the carriers, freight forwarders and agents that make the route you have chosen;

Step 3: Contact directly the carrier, freight forwarder and agent that you want.

Our priority is to make this service an advantage for everyone, improving logistics enterprises to achieve with more efficiently and effectively their business.

We have companies that transport your goods to worldwide, through the Sea, Air and Land.



WALcargo Water, Air, Land

Why choose us


We offer the best search tool

The WALcargo website allows to search all companies responsible for transport of your cargo and access to your contacts, faster, spontaneous and direct. Just place the origin and the destiny of your cargo.


We work exclusively with Carriers and Freight Forwarders

We have an extensive list of trusted companies able to transport your goods to and from any location in the world.


We have a unique system for inserting routes

To reach any location in the world, the WALcargo provide a unique system of inserting routes, allowing to companies to indicate in detail all the locations and means of transport (sea, air and land) made​​.