Terms And Conditions

When acceding to the website WALcargo, in www.walcargo.com or when acceding to any content that in it if finds the user, what is meant by company or person, establishes an agreement with WALcargo and accepts the terms and conditions below are presented. In the case of being a company (freight forward or carrier) that it intends to divulge its services, website registration is required (Terms and Conditions, n.º 3). For other users, it´s not necessary to make website registration.

1. Copyright

The contents and design of this website and others sent by email are the property of WALcargo. Reproduction of contents is authorized provided the source, save where otherwise stated. The user may not to use or to reproduce the name "WALcargo" and the respective logo or to create links to www.walcargo.com without written permission of the WALcargo.

2. Disclaimers

The WALcargo manages this website with the aim of enabling to the user the access to information about freight forwarders and carriers registered in the website.

The website provides external links over which the WALcargo has not control and for which assumes no responsibility.

The WALcargo cannot guarantee that the content, software, products and services on this website are free from errors or technical failures, with the result cannot be guaranteed no interruption or disruption of service due to such problems. The WALcargo disclaims any responsibility for any damages or problems, that may arise following the use of this website or any others services or external websites linked to WALcargo website.

3. Registry website

The walcargo.com website registration is required for companies (Freight Forwarders and Carriers), wishing to promote their services. It is indispensable to fill all the fields of registration for an excellent dissemination and operation of its company. However, you should fill with exact, accurate and truthful information, undertake to update your personal data whenever occurs some change and also, ensure the veracity and authenticity of the personal data introduced.

The WALcargo reserves the right to request additional data and other documentation, that may to be pertinent in order to check personal data introduced, as well as disable, temporary or permanently, the company that presents untrue information or the WALcargo cannot to contact for a validation of the data. In case, of cancellation of registration, shall be cancelled automatically the services linked to it, without any compensation or reimbursement.

The company will access to your account after to introduce the login and password. Therefore, undertakes not divulge this access data to other persons and takes responsibility for the use that is made of them. In case, of use and of the unauthorized access to your account, the company must notify immediately the WALcargo.

The WALcargo reserves the right to reject any request for registration and/or to cancel a registration previously accepted.

4. Access and changes to the website

The access to certain areas of the website of WALcargo may, when indicated, be conditional to previous registration of user.

The WALcargo reserves the right, absolute and not subject to justification, to suspend, modify, add or remove part of the website content at any moment and to restrict the use and accessibility of your website.

5. Changes to the terms of this agreement

The WALcargo may change the terms of this agreement. In case of changes to these terms, the WALcargo will notify its registered users by e-mail or will publish on the website, the details of changes to include them in these terms. The access and use of certain areas of the website WALcargo may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

6. Publicity and promotions 

The WALcargo may, through its website, allow any user to advertise or promote their products and/or services.

Specifications and prices of highlights are subject to change without prior notice.

The use of highlights is dependent on pre-payment, in the defined terms to the highlights. Finished the period of the highlight desired, the user may renew the highlight, by the same or different period, doing the pre-payment.

In case of cancellation of your user account (company) before the end of the highlight, not confer the user the repayment of any amount, by not using  the highlight until the end of its duration.